Training Resources

To suit your preferred learning style, we have provided multiple training materials to introduce you to the changes and help you use the new capabilities effectively and efficiently. Below you will find live and recorded trainings, user guides and how-to videos.

Recorded Training

These pre-recorded training sessions are available for you to view at your convenience.

Basic Navigation


How-To Videos

The following videos will introduce you to and help you familiarize yourself with key features and functions of the new platform.

Accessing the System for the First Time


Processing an Account Transfer


Placing a Stop Payment


Creating an Alert


Adding Recipients and Recipient Groups for Alerts


Online Statement Search


Exporting Information from the System


UCE User Maintenance


User Guides

User guides provide a deeper level of detail and are a convenient reference to have handy as you work with the new platform.

User Guide

Alerts Center

User Guide

Stop Payments

User Guide

Home Page and Widgets

User Guide

Home Page and Widgets/Stop Payments

Support Program

We’ve put together a complete support program to assist you and provide all the help you’ll need to successfully transition to the new platform.