Biz Connect Transition Center

Information and resources for your transition to Columbia Bank's new business digital banking platform

The Transition Process

You should have received an initial announcement including your color group designation around May 17. Look for communication to your color group to begin about 45 days prior to your transition date, to guide you to a successful transition.

Gold Group
transition date
Brown Group
transition date
Red Group
transition date
Gray Group
transition date
Gold Group
Brown Group
Red Group
Gray Group

Initial Announcement

You should have received a letter and an email around May 17, 2019 informing you of your color group designation. The staggered transition dates ensure you will have access to the support you’ll need throughout the pre-transition period.

45-Day Pre-Transition Communication Period

Additional communication about your transition will begin about 45 days prior to your transition date, including information about support resources, training, timeline, key changes and more.

Transition Date

On the transition date, your accounts will be migrated to the new platform, and your current Business Online Banking access will no longer be available. You will need to log in using the Biz Connect link in the login box on


First-Time Login

For your first login to Biz Connect, you will need your current Organization ID (referred to as Company ID in Biz Connect), your current User ID, and the temporary password that was mailed to you three weeks prior to your transition date.

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Key Changes to Services

These are the changes you most need to know about to ensure a transition without disruption to your business.

Quicken, QuickBooks and Mint

Critical actions need to be taken prior to transition to avoid losing data.

Login Security

Enhanced security measures to protect your accounts and data.


You will need to re-enroll and set up your alerts in the new platform to take advantage of the many new options and customizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions related to the transition of your online accounts, the differences between the current Business Online Banking system and the new Biz Connect platform, and the assistance and support available to you during the transition period.

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How will I access Biz Connect?
You will continue to access online banking through the login box on the home page of There will be a link to Biz Connect for you to click on and access the new system.
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Will my login information change?
Unless otherwise notified, your Organization ID and User ID will remain the same. You will however, be issued a new temporary password. Important Note: Organization ID is referred to as Company ID in the new system.
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Will I see my previous transaction history?
Initially, you will see a minimum of 90 days’ previous transaction history. This will continue to build and store up to 13 months.
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When will my current Business Online Banking no longer be available?
You will continue to have access to the current Business Online Banking platform until your transition date. Once you have migrated to Biz Connect, you will no longer have access to the previous system. You will be notified of your transition date at least 45 days prior through email and USPS mail.

Why Biz Connect?

Enjoy a modern, mobile-friendly platform that provides access to more conveniences and capabilities and allows you to bank from anywhere. Look for even more online and digital banking capabilities to come!

Mobile-Enabled Design

Enjoy responsive design that lets you bank with ease using any device.

Mobile App

Use our new mobile app to access your accounts.

13-Month History

Access up to 13 months of transaction history.

Advanced Alerts

Create more alert types with greater customization, and receive them via text, email, and voice.

Administrator Control

Entitle and manage user access on your own with new administrator control.

Enhanced Security

Safeguard your accounts and data with additional security measures and fraud protection.

Training Resources

To suit your preferred learning style, multiple types of training materials will introduce you to the new features and help you use them effectively and efficiently.

Support Program

We’ve put together a complete support program to assist you and provide all the help you’ll need to successfully transition to the new platform.