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ACH Changes

Commercial Connect gives you more flexibility when executing batch transfers and adds an additional layer of security.

The Most Critical Things to Know

  • You will access ACH through the Payment Center in Commercial Connect.
  • When finalizing your ACH, the Approve button will release the payment.
  • You will utilize the built-in feature known as One-Time Passcode (OTP) to approve (release) an ACH. This functionality delivers an authentication code to the secure access target (text message or voice) that you set up during your first login.
  • The batch status for your ACH will stay in the approved status until two days prior to the settlement date. This allows you to change the approval status on batches for a longer period of time. In today‚Äôs environment, batches will go to a submitted status within the same day.
  • If you import NACHA files, you will do that in Commercial Connect through File Import.
  • Your ACH and wire templates are all saved together. You may want to consider adding an identifier to the name of your template if you have similar templates for both ACH and wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions related to the transition of your online accounts, the differences between the current Business Online Banking system and the new Commercial Connect platform, and the assistance and support available to you during the transition period.

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Will my ACH services change?
How you manage ACH payments will change when you convert to the new system. However, you will have access to the same ACH payments and services that you do today in the existing system.
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How will I access my new ACH services?
You can access ACH services by selecting the Payments & Transfers tab from the home page, then selecting Payment Management.

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