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Wire Transfer Changes

Domestic and international wires are accessed through a common interface, with an extra layer of security when releasing a wire.

The Most Critical Things to Know

  • You will access both domestic and international wire services through the Payment Center in Commercial Connect.
  • Your ACH and wire templates are all saved together. You may want to consider adding an identifier to the name of your template if you have similar templates for both ACH and wires.
  • When sending a wire in the new system, you only have two options: Domestic or International. If you select International, you will then have the option to choose whether it should be foreign currency or USD.
  • You will utilize the built-in feature known as One-Time Passcode (OTP) to approve (release) a wire. This functionality delivers an authentication code to the secure access target (text message or voice) you set up during your first login.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most commonly asked questions related to the transition of your online accounts, the differences between the current Business Online Banking system and the new Commercial Connect platform, and the assistance and support available to you during the transition period.

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How will I send online wires once I officially transition to the new Commercial Connect?
Opportunities for learning the new system will be available to you via user guides, how-to videos and WebEx training videos .
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What should I do if I log in and my access is not correct or I do not see wire transfers?
If your access is not correct or you do not see wire transfers, please contact us for assistance:

Transition Pro Plus for Commercial Connect - Please contact your Dedicated Transition Specialist

Transition Pro for Commercial Connect - Please contact the Transition Helpline at (877) 860-9449.

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When will I be able to send wires from the new system?
You will be able to send wires from the new system as of your transition date.
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What security feature will I be using to release my wires?
Commercial Connect utilizes the same built-in feature used at login, known as One-Time Passcode (OTP). Commercial Connect requires each user to have OTP functionality in order to approve (release) an ACH or Wire. The OTP functionality delivers an authentication code to the secure access targets (text message or voice) that you will set up during your first-time login to the new system.

Videos and User Guides